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Month: October 2018

Ways To Child Proof Your Home?

Ways To Child Proof Your Home?

Children especially toddlers have no understanding of the dangers of many items in the home so their curiosity leads them to reach for it or grab onto it and may result in minor injuries or worse like impairments to the body. Therefore along with the responsibility of providing children with basic needs all parents must ensure that their children are living in a safe environment especially at home. The children must be constantly supervised and the home including the restrooms must be childproofed. This will prevent unnecessary injuries and accidents within the home. Parents can also be peaceful and comfortable in such an environment. Below are the ways parents can make sure the home is child proof?


Trips on stairs are the one of the common injuries that occur at home. So if you have a kid remember to make your stairway child safe by installing safety gates at both ends of the stairs. This ensures that your child doesn’t use the stairway when you aren’t around.


Make sure your window has a guard so that your child will not fall out when looking through an open window. You can also install window stoppers to make it safer for your child especially if your home has large windows. There are tints for windows like family day care window safety films which ensure that the glass will not cause harm for your child. Also keep the cords of the blinds away from your child’s reach to protect him from accidentally strangling himself.

Furniture and Ornaments

The edges of a table with a glass top must be covered because it is very dangerous when you have toddlers walking about as it can injure the child’s forehead or even the eye. The glass must be tinted with a suitable tinting like frosted window film or plain tinting so that the glass holds together even in the case of cracks and can protect the glass from shattering all over the place. Read this article to find out more details.

Electrical Codes and Appliances

Power plugs must not be left exposed because kids being kids may poke something into it and get electrocuted. Make sure it’s hidden or covered. Damaged codes must instantly be repaired or kept out of reach. Electrical appliances must be placed in a higher level which the child cannot reach.


Keep the door locked at all times so that your child cannot enter it in your absence. Also do not leave hair dryers and other appliances within reach and definitely not plugged in. Lock the medicine cabinet as well.

4 Things You Need To Do When Designing A New Business Site

4 Things You Need To Do When Designing A New Business Site

Infrastructure is a big part of the business. You need a building to do your work in so when you have to build something it can be a big deal. Most business buildings and sites are huge so it’s not as simple as building a house. You need to put in some extra effort and plan things out before executing and there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to quite a few factors. Here are some things that you need to pay attention to when designing a business site.

Have a good idea of the ground

A big building is obviously going to have a big impact on the ground it stands on and not every location will be suitable for every project. Depending on what you are planning to do in your site you might need certain characteristics in the ground and you may have to do certain things to the ground. Because of this getting the services of structural engineering companies Melbourne can help you out a lot. This is one of the best places for you to start.

Get technical

Your building site is no small task and the fact that it has a very clear set of objectives means your site needs to specialise in doing certain things. Since this is the case it’s important that you really look into the technical side of things when you are designing. Starting with the work you do with the great geotechnical engineering firms in Melbourne all the way to the industrial architects and designers you need a lot of help to pull it off so make sure you don’t shy away from the intensity of it all.


A bigger your project is the bigger your investment is going to be. Paying attention to your budget when you are designing the site is very important because you need to be able to tell the designers what they can and cannot do and as a business person finances are one of the most important things you need to look into.

Think of the future

Your business will obviously change with time and your site will have to change too. If you do your work right this is going to be positive so you need to make sure you accommodate these changes in your design. A little attention paid to the future can save you a lot of trouble when that future comes into being.