Types Of Industrial Welding Services And Their Uses

Industries and manufacturing plants of all kinds rely extensively on the presence of proper industrial fabrication and welding services. These two combined are essential for making industrial equipment, various structures and even some of the raw materials that are used on a daily basis for manufacturing processes. As a result, we just cannot imagine a world where industries would exist without adequate welding services to cater to their demands.As it turns out, these welding services that are specifically meant to be used for industrial purposes can be categorized into a few main types to make it easier to sort them out and understand what each one of them is used for. Listed below are a few of the major categories, all of which may be provided by a certified industrial welder Sydney or welding firm in your area:

SMAW Welding
In SMAW welding, more commonly known as stick welding, these professionals make use of an electric current (either alternate or direct) to dissolve the metal electrode and the metal sections that need to be joined together. The electrode has a special flux coating that releases a type of vapour when heated, preventing additional reactions from occurring in the welding area, thus avoiding contamination.

GMAW Welding
GMAW or MIG welding makes use of an inert gas (such as Argon) that is sprayed over the welding area to act as a shield to stop contamination. The welding itself in done in a conventional way, making use of a metallic wire electrode and melting it slowly onto the area that needs to be welded. MIG welding has become widely used for industrial purposes due to it one of the easier welding methods. However, the use of gas to shield the welding area makes the process difficult to carry out in wide open space, where other welding methods may be preferred for tasks like  pipe repair Sydney

GTAW Welding
GTAW or TIG welding employs a metallic electrode made out of tungsten for welding purposes. Unlike other types of welding, the electrode itself is not consumed, and protection may be provided by an inert gas like in MIG welding. TIG welding is a high precision technique that is used to produce high-quality welds in small areas, but it is a rather difficult process to master. As a result, it is only used sparingly, although it is relatively common in aerospace manufacturing processes.

Plasma Arc Welding
Plasma arc welding is essentially used in place of TIG welding as it has the same fundamental uses to work over small areas and in instances when high precision welding is required. The main difference is in the way the welding flame is produced, making plasma welding slightly easier to work with than TIG welding.

FCAW Welding
FCAW welding is a type of semi-automatic welding that was developed as an alternative to shield welding for use in construction projects. Main advantages of this method include an extremely high welding speed and portability factor.pipe-fabricate